How to maintain peak energy level all the time?

We all are living busy lifestyle with so much to do. While we are trying to optimize work and life, at times – we feel tired and don’t feel energetic enough to perform what we really wish to do. Based on recent podcast I heard last month, Following are my observations.

I’ve been following these habits and felt lot of change in my lifestyle. I hope this will be helpful to anyone who is reading this blog.

  • Keep moving – Don’t sit at a place for too long.
    Exercise is great for physical but, sitting idle after an year workout makes it dominant workout. If you workout on daily basis and sit around for most of the day, you are just 4% more active than sedentary population. Active sedentarians is the new segment for such people. Such lifestyle has huge impact on increasing chronic diseases. There is higher death rate in Office workers than that of manual laborers. Our body is not created to receive energy but, we need to product energy. To produce energy, muscular movement is important and critical.
    What is the solution?
    If you have been sitting for a while, simply stand up and just do 20 jumping jacks or squats (if you have cabin in office :D). If you are not able to do it – you can take break every 2 hrs going out to cafeteria for water break.
    If you do so regularly, you are going to manufacture more energy. It is recommended to set a movement timer on phone to make it a habit.


  • Get a sound sleep. Your sleep cycles aren’t strong.
    It is highly recommended that everyone gets 7-8 hrs sleep. One needs to optimize his/ her sleep cycles. Each sleep phase is incredibly important for your energy level.
    Science behind sleep cycle: There is sleep architecture and pattern/ stages in REM/ Non REM sleep. On avg, person has 4-5 sleep cycles (REM/ Non REM). Each cycle flows from stages of Non REM sleep (Stage 1 ,2 and 3 – deep sleep). Non RIM stage 1 has alpha and beta waves. Stage 2 of Non RIM where most of sleep time is actually spent are characterized by theta waves and sleep spandos (often referred to as sigma waves). Recent research by UC Berkeley shows that creative part increases due to sleep spandos. Third is deepest stage of Non REM characterized by delta waves – Most anabolic stage of sleep. After stage 3 of Non REM sleep, it moves to Stage 1 of REM sleep where dreaming take place. Same flow of REM 1,2 and 3 stage are followed here. Each sleep cycle stage phase is necessary for human mind and body. If any stage is missing, few psychological functions don’t work well. Cortisol is anti of melanin. We need to make sure to keep cortisol low.
    Solution: Getting sun exposure is important. Sun light exposure decreases cortisol.
    Secondly- Eating a well balanced diet is foundation of keeping blood sugar maintained in the night. Your sleep cycle will then get disturbed.
    Third – Increased exposure of tech devices affects our health. Apple recently added Night shift for the same purpose. These devices are affecting our health. Blue light devices increase cortisol. Every night you are exposed with phone which is not good for health. One should get screen curve or screen on phone and laptops to avoid exposure.


  • Nutrient Deficiency

Nutrients deficiencies have significant effect on your lack of energy. Few vital nutrients to improve energy level here:

Vitamin C – It’s not just for scurvy. There is also condition that cause extreme fatigue. Body needs Vitamin C to burn fat for energy. It helps body to burn fat for more energy. Fatigue was one of the symptoms for deficiency of Vitamin C. It’s not just about immune system.
Where to get Vitamin C: Amla, Bell peppers, green leafy vegetables, Papaya are great sources of vitamin C.

Omega 3s – Useful for deeper sleep and cellular thinking. There is connection with cellular energy and Omega 3 – important for cell to cell communication. If communication is skewed, energy is going to be skewed.
Where to get Omega 3 – Pumpkin seeds, Flax seeds, Chia seeds, Cheese, Fish Oil, Cold Pressed Oils – It is heat sensitive nutrient.

Magnesium : Biggest nutrient deficiency is adanecine triphosphate (ATP) – currency to run body’s economy. ATP is bound to magnesium ion to be biologically active. Mg is responsible for 330 enzymatic body processes. It is really really important – No.1 deficiency in current system. Helpful in reducing stress. Mg is responsible for regulating blood pressure, dialete arteries, maintain stress hormones, relaxation and contraction of muscles to reduce pain, helps in preventing calcification, helps to convert food into energy, transportation of blood sugar and insulin.
Where to get Magnesium : Green hue, Pumpkin seeds, Spinach, Mg supplements, spirulina.

  • Hydration: Your fluids need to be changed
    Cell dehydration can hamper your DNA. Just 5% drop is enough to cause headache and extreme fatigue. Your cells tissues are operating in water medium – more murky water gets, more symptoms of fatigue you will get. If you don’t drink enough water, you will not feel energetic. Water is responsible for maintenance of DNA, building of blood and building fluids for detoxification. One of the biggest energy mistake is people are dehydrated. You can literally burn fat by drinking two glasses of water in the morning. Drink two glasses of water in the morning

This post is excerpts/ summary of podcast :


Origin of Food and Evolution of Human Species

Food originated in various forms in various cultures/ religions/ faith. There is no proven truth or evidence to justify one theory against other. According to every religion/ culture, it started long way back. There was only one of human species (home sapiens or various form of early human being) – How to survive?


Invention of Fire

With survival in mind, food was basic necessity. It was fire which changed the whole human evolution pattern. While we were eating cooked food, we were spending less time in digesting food, spending more time in doing things other hunting food. With time, our brain start getting bigger, we start thinking more and started progressing.


Human development/ Rise of nations leading to new cuisines

With human evolution, we started moving to new places, setting new colonies. With colonies, people started eating whatsoever available in local surroundings. With use of natural surroundings, various cuisines started building in space and time. With trade, travel and rise of nations, new cultures were born with new food and new eating patterns/ cuisines.  Recent globalization made world a small place. People can now explore various cuisines at a single place


Capitalism and Hunger for new experiences

Rising Capitalism and globalization is leading to increase in spending power of people and keen ness to explore new food and new experiences. Eating / Travel/ New Cuisines has become part of luxury where people are ready to go long miles to splurge to experience new food.


Hunt for longevity

In the past, human was eating food to survive. Today, he eats not only to survive, but aim is shifting to eat food to live longer life. On one hand, greed, lust has made people obese. On the other hand, more than half of human population is still not getting enough food to survive.

There is new rise of food as medicine to increase longevity of human and human is striving hard to attain immortality.


Future of Food

  • While there had been increase in new cuisines in terms of vegan/ gastronomic/ etc. to provide new experience. People are bringing new cuisines, creating new cuisines, molecular gastronomy to satisfy personal ego to prove superiority or showcase new experience to outside world.
  • There has been continuous increase in marketable food items for human who have less time available. FMCG companies, restaurants are on all time high to provide food, deliver food, store food for people who need convenience, taste, experience or health to attain longevity.
  • Rising population will also pose new challenges how to create enough food for rising population? Hydroponic, Vertical farming, Permaculture, etc are being new innovations to put some thoughts here.

I will be covering various topics/ sub topics within the above mentioned flow of food.